How do we build a better arts press?

On October 25, 2013, 64 artists, journalists, technologists and
entrepreneurs gathered in Los Angeles to imagine a better arts press...

"Arts journalism is about creativity. About sharing creativity.
About artists and the power of art to express who we are."

Responding to the Challenge


Five Ideas

How to turn our ideal features of arts journalism into tangible projects? What might they look like? After all of the features were listed and … [Read More...]


A Critical Response

A Day Full of Questions By Scott Timberg We begin with the collapse of narrative. How do we tell stories and convey values without the time required … [Read More...]

04 Discoverability

Path To a New Arts Journalism?

Art doesn’t get its power until audiences decide to do something with it. One could say the same about ideas. The more people who use them, the more … [Read More...]

Your Turn


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What is missing in arts journalism as it's currently practiced? Who's doing the most interesting work and how is it adding to our … [Read More...]


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Arts journalism can't just be a conversation with arts journalists. Innovation in arts journalism has lagged. So is it true, as … [Read More...]


A Discussion Here on

So how do we build better ways of communicating about the arts? Do we still need professional arts journalists, and if so, what … [Read More...]